So often the texts  of stories long forgotten, or individuals within the story are overlooked and ignored. It is here that story-tellers like Ranjini find their prophetic voice. Ranjini tells the stories of women and men, long forgotten in some cases, and allows us to hear afresh their voice speaking to us in modern tones across the ages. This new voice speaks the world into life and resonates with those who would explore faith and spirituality in the context of this present age. (From the foreword, written by Geoff Wellington of Canberra Region Presbytery of the Uniting Church.)

This project was fairly straightforward with text supplied as MS Word files and a JPG of the cover image. Images were tweaked in Photoshop , and some internal images were recoloured to reflect the story. InDesign was used for layout and design, and the final product presented to the client as a PDF file to upload to their printer of choice.

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